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Gene : Wt1 R. norvegicus

Primary Identifier  ? RGD:3974 Name  ? WT1 transcription factor
Secondary Identifier  ? 3974 Pharm GKB Identifier  PA37395
NCBI Gene Number  24883 Gene Type  protein-coding
description  ENCODES a protein that exhibits sequence-specific DNA binding AND C2H2 zinc finger domain binding (ortholog) AND DNA-binding transcription activator activity RNA polymerase II-specific (ortholog) AND INVOLVED IN positive regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II AND positive regulation of transcription DNA-templated AND adrenal cortex formation (ortholog) AND ASSOCIATED WITH acute myeloid leukemia (ortholog) AND acute promyelocytic leukemia (ortholog) AND Alzheimer's disease (ortholog) AND FOUND IN nucleus AND cytoplasm (ortholog) AND cytosol (ortholog) AND INTERACTS WITH 2-ethoxyethanol AND 2-methoxyethanol AND 3 7-dihydropurine-6-thione

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